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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

At the St. Joseph competition this past weekend, we ranked 12 right before alliance selections and were the number 2 alliances first pick.

There were some pretty stressful matches in the quarter finals and semi finals, but we made it to the end and won the whole thing!

We would like to thank our alliance captains Team 226 the Hammerheads and our other alliance partner Team 6588 Counter-Torque Robotics.

You can look or our Instagram at our St. Joe 2020 highlight to see the scores of some of the later quarterfinal matches, and all of the semifinal and final matches.

We were also really excited when we found out that we won the creative design award for our shooter, because of the backspin it put on the balls.

Our next competition will be March 20 and 21 up in Allendale, more on that coming soon.

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