About us 

We are the Globetrotters, team 5927. This is our sixth year in the FIRST Robotics program. This year has looked very different from the past couple of years due to Covid. Because of Covid, we now have virtual competitions which we are very excited for!

Our Mission Statement:

The Globetrotters believe that it is important to work together as gracious professionals. We are passionate about having fun and learning how to design, program, build, and market robots along the way.

We can boil our mission down to three words: Learn. Serve. Grow.

Team History:

5927 is in its sixth year of competition. The 2019 season saw great success. In that season we won both of our district events, and made it to both States and Worlds! 

As of late 2019, we had grown by a landslide. Both in members and in the knowledge of what we were doing. 

This past year, 2020, was a bit of a crazy year. We had one competition in St. Joe which we won in part with team 226 The hammerheads and team 6588 Counter-Torque robotics. After that, everything shut down because of Covid.


This competition season (20-21) FIRST decided to do virtual competitions.