What is FIRST Robotics All About???

The purpose of the FIRST Robotics program is to provide a valuable hands-on learning experience and opportunity where our students integrate science, technology,engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to design, build, troubleshoot, and operate arobot to compete at local and national levels. The kids who choose to participate in this program will benefit by learning life skills and building self confidence. They will be inspired to become leaders and innovators.

There is a new game released at the beginning of each year.  A description of this years game is below.


Destination: Deep Space sponsored by Boeing is played on a 27 x 54 foot field with a 3 vs 3 competition structure. The game is played by two alliances of 3 robots each, one in red bumpers, one in blue. A match is 2 minutes and 30 seconds long. 


The first 15 seconds of each round is called the sandstorm period. During the sandstorm period the vision of the drivers is blocked by a curtain so robots move only with preprogrammed instructions or by making use of an onboard camera feed. During the remaining 2:15 robots are driven normally by the drivers with remote controls.


The field is split in two creating two identical halves. The 3 varying height platforms at the ends of the field are called the HAB (short for Habitat.) In the middle of the field is a Cargo Ship made of two short goals (1 red,1 blue) with 8 openings. Lastly, on the sides of the field are 4 tall goals (2 red and 2 blue) called Rocket Ships. 



Points may be earned in 4 ways: 


Sandstorm Movement Bonus: 3 or 6 Points depending which level you start on Teams earn bonus points during the sandstorm period (the first 15 seconds of the match) if a robot completely crosses the line at the bottom of the HAB. 3 Points: for Robots starting on the lowest level of the HAB and crossing the line 6 Points: for Robots starting on the second highest level of the HAB platform and crossing the line. 


Placing Hatch Panels on the Cargo Ships or Rocket Ships: 2 Points each The Cargo Ships and Rocket Ships are designed with openings (hatches) that cause the Cargo (balls) to roll out if the hatches are not covered. Teams earn 2 points for placing hatch panels in place on either the Cargo Ships or Rocket Ships. Hatch panels are made of plastic with velcro at the edges. Each hatch can only be covered once. 


Placing Cargo on the Cargo Ship or the Rocket Ship: 3 Points each The rubber playground balls on the field are referred to as Cargo. Each Cargo that is placed in and remains inside the Cargo Ship or Rocket Ship is worth 3 points. Cargo that rolls through and does not remain inside a Ship does not earn the alliance any points. 


HAB Docking: 3, 6, or 12 points depending on how robots are supported. Robots that end the game entirely supported by the HAB will earn points based on the level on which they are supported. The lowest platform any part of the robot is touching at the end of the game is the level at which it is supported. 3 points: Robots supported only by the 1st level or higher 6 points: Robots supported only by the 2nd level or higher 12 points: Robots supported only by the 3rd level or higher

The alliance with the highest score by the time the rockets lift off wins  

Here is a Summary Cheat Sheet provided by Team 4481 that shows the layout of the field:

Below is a release video of out 2019 Robot and also a couple of match videos which we played in.

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