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I'm Back

Did any of you guys miss me? Probably not, but hey, your favorite blog post author is back from a long hiatus of feeling like a wet noodle in the crack on the bathroom sink. So, let's get straight to it. What have the Globetrotters been up to? I have answers.

Our robot is looking awesome. I'm not allowed to share any pictures yet, but it's finally getting fleshed out and it looks like a big beefy hunk of robot. Of course, it's not just some cube, it has a shape and a purpose, but I shall leave the shape and purpose for you to find out. I'll tell you one thing though, off the record, it looks like there's some sort of missile launcher in the center of it, so that looks pretty cool. Programmers have been pretty busy, doing a bunch of code-y stuff to make sure the robot actually does things. Design team has been finishing up the last couple of parts, and then helping out around the site with the other subteams. Drivers have been able to have a little fun messing around, and the driving station (being provided by my father) is almost finished, so they can finally get into some serious driving business. Finally, my team, the marketing team. We've been doing a bunch of financial stuff from what I've heard (as i've been ill, i have not been able to attend), and we also finished up a bunch of merchandise. So, that's pretty awesome, and you guys should go buy some of it, because it's pretty neat. Thanks for taking the time to read this giant text wall, it means a lot. We'll see you guys soon, once building is finished.

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